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Pension Hotu

Le bonheur à Tikehau


La Polynésie Nature

Tikehau, the pink sands island

Faunes et Flore de Polynésie


Tikehau is located at 340km north of Tahiti and at 15 km only from Rangiroa, it is an oval shaped atoll characterized by a series of islets whose white sand beaches and pink very fine line the turquoise lagoon.
The main villages are Hararu Motu, Motu Mamaa, Motu Tuherahera, Motu Motu Ohini and Teavatia.
There is only one way to enter the lagoon, the channel Tuheiava.


During his numerous expeditions, Jacques Cousteau has defined the sea surrounding this island as the most fishfull in the world. Indeed, the Tikehau lagoon looks like a huge natural swimming pool 26 km wide. There are eagle rays, schools of barracuda and tuna, sharks, hammer, gray sharks, turtles, dolphins ...
The atoll is also a home for many colonies of birds: red-foot boobies, terns distinguished, gray blue terns.


The common polynesian species are present in Tikehau:
The "tiaré" whose essences are used in perfumery and in the manufacture of Tahiti Monoi:

Hibiscus which one can make pretty vegetal fences:


You shall discover on the atoll some religious buildings, very representative of post evangelisation buildings in French Polynesia, for instance you can see this church:

which is similar to many others in French Polynesia.